Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Windy City: American Girl Store

We went to the American Girl Place when we were in Chicago.  I must have been a little hormonal or somthing because I started to get choked up looking at all the beautiful dolls and watching the girls take it all in.  PD was visibly nauseous at the extent of the inventory (hey he is supposed to be the capitalist right!)

They have a cafe and theater, a hospital in case your doll suffers at the hand of a crazed brother or the family dog, and a hair salon:
The dolls and clothes are really beautiful.  My sister bought PK2 an outfit for her doll because PK2's birthday is coming up and I bought one for PK1 for being such a star pupil in Kindergarten this year.
It was really fun and a little overwhelming, and if you think our ecomomy is dead, you should visit American Girl Place.


schwadette said...

a hair salon for a DOLL??? incredible :). SO much fun!

Kelli said...

I am amazed by the hair salon. Wow!

Urban Mom said...

I'm SO sorry to have missed you guys. It looks like a great trip. And the AG store is ALWAYS busy, isn't it? And Chicago is actually a pretty neat place to raise kids. Who knew? Not me, at least until having 'em. I hope that you get back this way soon! Drop me another note when you do, if you get a chance.