Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday

Happy Easter, from our family to yours.     He is Risen indeed!

Our church service was such a blessing this morning.  The music was incredible and our good friends from China were able to join us.  During a time of testimony I started crying hearing what God had done in people's lives.  I know it is ok to be emotional, but I was so embarrassed and really had to get control before I went to what Oprah calls, "the ugly cry."

Then we had a wonderful meal at the PGs' home.  They were so gracious to include our friends.  My key lime pie was one of my best yet...please make it for the people you love. And the PGs didn't cut any corners on the bounty!

Our baby Chinese friend (not pictured) liked everyone more than he liked me.

This picture isn't the best, I think I snapped it when everyone still had food in their mouths.
And in case anyone thought my children were deprived, they each received three easter baskets filled with gourmet candies, stuffed animals, craft supplies and toys.  PG even bought them each a pair of darling pink sandals.  It took forever to load the van full of the gifts and leftovers.
Then LNG (little neighbor girl) invited them over for an Easter Egg hunt with her family.  I visited with the ladies on the porch and PD got to watch Tiger lose the Master's.
PD did have to go into work tonight, but when he got home he caught me watching the Amazing Race and raiding the Easter candy. 


Kelli said...

Weren't those cardboard testimonies wonderful. Even Rondell cried (don't tell him!). It was a great service and just reminded me why I love New Life.
The girls' outfits are adorable and I'm glad Jun and Jianli were able to join you. See you next week!

really.truly said...

I get the same way sometimes at church. I love it "the ugly cry". Yep, that sounds about right. A certain song can totally move me.

I love that picture of your girls, so cute!

MA mom said...

I love the pictures of the cute. You had such a good Easter week. Mary R said she was going to tell Christy & Brennan to check out your Easter blogs for ideas.

Kelli said...

I want to know more about, I tagged you.

Ellen said...

I cried too, but I refused to let anyone see me, so I pretended to adjust my glasses and wipe my nose while swiping at the tears. >:)

I hate crying in public.