Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Safety First

PK2 fell off her bike today.  It wasn't that bad, but she wasn't wearing her helmet and she cried a little and PD had to carry her home.  It scared her a little though.

Luckily PK1 was able to ride her bike home for her, because she wasn't riding her bike.  PK1 does not like riding bikes.  She hates it and goes so slow that you can hardly tell she is moving, kind of like those giant turtles.  We do make her ride once in awhile.  But that is a different post.

Anyway, after they got home, PK2 ran to the garage and got her helmet.  She wore it the rest of the evening, even to ride her cozy coup.

I guess she wasn't taking any more chances.


mimi said...

She is soooo cute! I love her little haircut.

I loved our cozy coupe(x2). A helmet is not a bad idea....we have had many cozy coupe accidents :)

Kelli said...

Smart girl, playin it safe!

On the Verge said...