Monday, March 2, 2009

American Girl Doll: An Update

To read the back story on an American Girl doll for PK1 click here: American Girl

Well, we have had a development. Kansas Grandma had the best find the other day at an estate sale:

They aren't exactly American Girls, but they are really quality dolls that are remarkably similar. And they were only a tenth of the price!

The PKs are absolutely thrilled with them:
We have never had many dolls around the house because PK1 has never been interested. She likes to play dress up and pretend and animal rescue. And PK2 likes to play with PK1.

So we scrounged all over the house for any doll or baby clothes that might fit them.

So far we have two outfits from the Cabbage Patch doll I had as a child, some pajamas from a Snoopy doll, and a few other things.

They have been playing with the dolls constantly between our regular activities. They brush their hair:

And get them ready for bed every night when they get ready for bed:

PK1 even called her little friend to tell her all about it and they planned all the things they will play with their dolls next time they get together.

It has been a wonderful surprise blessing in the middle of this long cold winter.

Thank you Kansas Grandma!

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MA mom said...

I think Jesus helped me find those dolls for you. And I'm so glad that you like them. love you, Gigi