Monday, March 9, 2009

Cryin Out Loud

Back during the election season, when I was only seeing PD for a few seconds a day, we started e-mailing each other little songs that we heard and thought the other might like. 

Well, I was having a really hard time last week.  I am really struggling with contentment lately.  I know I am blessed, but my flesh keeps taking over and I start comparing to what others have.  Then I get mad at myself for not having slain my old demons yet.

PD is so great for me.  He listenes, he prays for me, he distracts me with fun projects and reminds me of truth.  He reminds me that it is ok to cry out to God.

He sent me this song today to cheer me up: 


really.truly said...

That was cute. I suffer with contentment issues too. It's human nature.

I really wanted a bigger house...well, I got it and now I miss our small house. Crazy :)

Whatever u do, don't compare yourself to others. What I have learned is that things are not always what they seem.

MA mom said...

Last Saturday I had the blessing of hearing Gracia Burnham talk about her experience as a captive with her husband in the Philipine jungle for over a year. She said that she saw her real self during that time and it wasn't always good, but she shared that in Mark 14.6-8 we read of Jesus saying of Mary who had been critized by others..."she has done what she could". Gracia said it is the enemy of my soul who keeps up the criticism, not Jesus. I found that thought helpful.