Thursday, March 12, 2009

Water Babies

We started up with swimming lessons last week. 

PK1 has had a lot of lessons, but this was PK2's first time.

She was so excited and she did a great job. 

Her teacher is fantastic.  How can you not love anyone who will splash around in the pool with someone else's kids for $3 an hour?
 But she is particularly good.
I feel like PK1 is not being pushed enough to work on her technique and I almost feel like I could teach her better myself, but since I already teach them the 3R's, I just decided that I would farm out the swimming for now.  It is so fun to just sit on the bleachers and watch.  I never get to just watch someone else do the work.  And PK1 is going off the board with gusto now!

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Kelli said...

Look at them! We need to get Jamison signed up. Where do your girls take lessons?