Thursday, October 30, 2008

Political Boots

PD 1 received these boots as a hand me down last year and just loves them:

I never really thought anything of it until I was slopping through a muddy soccer field this fall carrying two chairs and snacks and drinks for 20 kids. As I sat down mostly in tact with PD2 to enjoy what can only be described as a bunch of kids running in a huddle, I looked over at a stylish mom next to me and she was wearing these:

Genius, I thought! So cute and I bet her feet are completely dry and toasty! I thought if I had some boots like that, I would almost enjoy dragging the PDs around in the wet weather to playdates, classes and errands. So I started looking online for the cutest pair I could put on my Christmas list


or these?

or these?

or any of these?

then I found the perfect thing:

Republican Elephant Rain Boots

and they are on CLEARANCE! you think that says something about the political direction of this country? nah.

1 comment:

chicago_mom said...

Matt says unforunately "probably so"...but those boots ARE cute. Personally, I bought some last year that are giant and black and called "dairy girl boots". Now I wish I had cute ones!