Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Motivated by my first "comment"

Still feeling paralyzed by my perfectionism, but since I received my first comment from someone besides my sister, I am going to post again!

Since it took me several glasses of wine to get through the VP debate the other night, I think I am skipping tonight's presidential debate. I can't risk a wine headache when I have to get up early to take the kids on a home school field trip.

I love musical theater and want the kids to like it too. So a couple weeks ago MIL (pictured below) and I took PD1 to see The Sound of Music.

A friend of ours was a singing nun and got us in for free to a dress rehearsal.
To prepare her I downloaded three songs off iTunes and we listened to them in the car. Then I discovered that a grainy version of some of the scenes from the musical are on YouTube. The girls watched them over and over.

Here is something else kinda funny.

The Von Trap Kids as Adults


Dewey Hafta Academy said...

I love that picture of the von Trapp kids all-grown-up! Very cool!

Stacy said...

I LOVE the Sound of Music! Your blog, BTW, is off to a great start. There really is no right or wrong way to blog. You'll find your groove eventually. Just keep writing.
Stacy :-)

Margarete said...

Nice blog. Keep it going! I can't tell you how many times I've watched The Sound of Music.

Gina Lee said...

Awesome clip! Thanks for sharing. I have never watched The Sound Of Music before. I know, shame on me. But after watching that clip, I think I might get me a bowl of popcorn and watch now. Thanks

chicago_mom said...

Dude...you got so many comments! I've never had 4 comments in my blogging career. That seems like so many! Well, I actually sat here for the 3 minutes and 1 second and watched that clip. And it made me oddly happy. I think I should go to bed. I love that you went to that though! It reminds me of how we used to watch that and Annie and Wizard of Oz and The Great Muppet Caper so often.