Wednesday, October 29, 2008


The girls play outside almost every day. PD1 especially, just loves to play with sand, dirt, rocks and water. They make mud or sand pies or castles or plant pretend gardens. The latest thing is to save the seeds from the apple they eat at lunch and then plant them later outside. They get really really dirty and destroy their clothes, but it is so worth it because they entertain themselves for hours and I love that they are getting all that fresh air and exercise.

Sometimes I have to say, "You just had a bath, please don't get dirty." or "Grandma is taking us to dinner tonight, please don't make a mess of your clothes." Then it becomes a litany of "can we just play with sand, but no water?" or "can we just get a little dirty?" or "how can we make an animal hospital without water?"

I think on this day, I had said "do not turn on the hose." Well, I looked out the window to check on them and I didn't know whether to be proud or dole out a round of spanks! They were using gravity to drain what was left of the water in the hose! Instead of spanking, I ran for the camera.
(the other little mischief maker in the picture is our neighbor.)

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