Thursday, October 2, 2008

Do you have 12 kids?

I chose my online name "ohio12" when I started visiting a home school board. I should have realized that everyone would think I had twelve kids! I actually chose it because we live in the 12th congressional district here in Columbus, Ohio where my husband works in politics. I was going to say that is what our lives revolve around, but that isn't really true. The most important things to us are family, education, ministry and home projects, but sometimes it seems like we just fit those things in occasionally when Ben isn't working. He isn't a workaholic or anything gross like that. But his job is such that the work is never done and people always need something and he ends up helping candidates pro-bono because if you don't you aren't a team player. The last election cycle in 2006 was so hard mostly because of this little 18 month old campaigner.

Now she is three and a half and much more pleasant! I only have four weeks left in election cycle '08. I will keep you posted.


chicago_mom said...

Oh Bamma we love her so much. She is so precious. But I am glad we have 3 y/o's and not 18 m/o's right now!

Urban Mom said...

Delighted to be moving away from the 18 mos stage here too! Cool new blog! And I'm so burned out on the election stuff myself. I don't know how you and the DH do it! Don't worry if you're not sure of your direction for your blog. It'll come. Then it'll change. You'll tinker and play and get moments of inspiration. Have fun!