Friday, October 31, 2008

Out of the Mouths of Fairies

I have another post coming later today about surviving as a political widow, but I had to record a couple of funny things the girls said this morning. I asked PD2 if she was ready to go to her "class" today and she said, "But I can't have any friends there if David is not there." (David does not go to this class) I said, "Well, you will see him tonight for Trick or Treat!" and she said, "But Not Gracie, Gracie cannot come because she loosed a tooth."

Then later I was wrangling them into fairy costumes. (They are going to be cats tonight, but fairies for their class today) I handed PD2 some socks to put on while I pinned on the wings and she said, "but fairies do not wear socks mommy!"

Then I was instructing PD1 to clean up her room before we left because we are having a bunch of people over tonight and SHE said, "But fairies don't do jobs mom, they just fly around."

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