Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Oriental Institute

When we were in Chicago, we went to the University of Chicago to tour the Oriental Institute.  It was a wonderful experience.  It was like a visual tour of all we studied in our history curriculum this year!  Our focus this year had been Ancient history with an in depth look at the Old Testament. We studied how the Israelites and the prophets fit into the greater global picture with the Egyptians, Assyrians and Sumerians.

We accidentally went on graduation day, which made it a little crowded, but scored us free parking.  It was fun to see all the graduates in their caps and gowns.  And you know I am always looking for opportunities to glamorize and promote college life!

Some things at the museum were actual relics and some were replicas.  This is a replica of the Steele Code of Hamurabi. The actual one is in the Lourve.

Another supplementary thing we used a lot this year was the art videos available from Kahn Academy.  Here is the lesson on the Stele Code of Hammurabi.

How awsome is it to homeschool in 2012?

Here is Sargon.  Those guys really liked to put their head on the body of an animal!

Of course, mummies:

Our family with giant King Tutenkahmen.

This is my favorite picture!  LOVE it! It is an Assyrian Relief of a procession in the throne room, but look at those cute kids!

We later learned another significant thing about this museum.  About 40 years ago, when he was in seminary, Grandad used to drive buses downtown Chicago.  When he was on a break he would come to this museum to do research for a big paper he wrote!

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