Thursday, September 22, 2011

Joni at Cedarville

The girls and I have been using these wonderful books in our Bible time each morning.  Each lesson features the history of a particular hymn and a devotional about it by Joni Eareckson Tada.

When I heard that she was going to be at my alma mater to speak in chapel, we decided to take a morning off from our regular schooling and drive down there. It was wonderful to be back on campus.

Joni's message was so good.  I just re-read her biography this week.  She is just amazing, but of course all the glory goes to God's work in her life.

There weren't too too many people waiting to talk to her after, so we just went up to tell her how much we like the hymn book and what a blessing her ministry is. Maybe we took a little picture.

My parents always really talked up college to us girls growing up. We all knew we wanted to go and that going was a huge privilege. They especially thought highly of Christian liberal arts college.  So I am trying to do the same with my girls.

 I hope they will want to go some day. Can't you just see them taking off together in an old Camry and coming home for weekend trips to see me!  I always tell them they have to call me every night from college and PD always tells them that they most certainly do not!

We walked around a bit and ate lunch in the cafeteria.  PK1 was such a big girl, getting her own tray and going back for lots of self serve ice cream. (I thought it was too soon to discuss the "freshman 15.") The cafeteria is called "Chucks" because the guy who runs it is named Chuck.  And even though it is in a different building now, I did see Chuck!


On the Verge-Couples ed. said...

ahhh the memories are overwhelming!!! love that place!

really.truly said...

That is so neat! We have that book, but have not implemented it yet. You've inspired me.

MA mom said...

One day you may have similar pictures of the girls at Cedarville but they'll be a bit older! I hope you continue to live in Ohio so they'll be able to come home more often.