Monday, June 18, 2012

Chicago Visit

What a fun visit we had with the Chicago cousins!  We absolutely packed this visit with activities. These are some lucky kids! It started off with swimming in Lake Michigan.

And a picnic lunch.

This is just a cute picture of the girls on campus at University of Chicago.  I will explain later why we were there!  It is never too early to start college visits...especially when your fourth graders are doing Algebra! (just kidding, no Doogie Housers here)

Whenever we visit we have to walk down to the pizza place for some of this delicious gelatto.

The last night we went to Navy Pier after dinner.  The kids ran in this fountain.

And rode the Ferris Wheel.

And stayed laaaaate for the fireworks.

They weren't too tired the next morning though.  They entertained us with their last "Cousins Concert."  Violin, Piano, Guitar and Drums. It was beautiful.  Stay tuned, we may be taking the act on the road.

And finally....gratuitous cuteness:

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chicago_mom said...

Love it!!! Come back boy needs to be in the cousin pics.