Saturday, June 16, 2012

Lions and Tigers and Bears

Last October, when I was in Chicago with my sister, Ohio made national news.  Here is the story.

PD was back home pulling all-nighters dealing with this fiasco.  Little did we know that the legislation that resulted from this would be a huge project he would work on for the next nine months.  Finally last week everyone was able to come to agreement and a new bill was signed limiting and regulating the ownership of dangerous wild animals in Ohio.

I decided to take the girls downtown to see the bill become law.  At the last minute PD texted me that Jack Hanna would be there. We were so excited because PK1 is such an animal expert.

He told PK1 that she could come work for him in three years!  We thought that would be the best part of the day, but later, the governor called the girls up to help him sign the bill.

Proud dad watching.

Isn't that amazing?  They were on the news and in the paper as well.  I SO hope they are old enough to remember this.

One day, a few months ago the girls and I took PD's car to run some errands because he had parked me in.  PK1 started reading from a giant stack of papers she found in the back seat, "Lemurs, snow leaords, cape buffalos, komodo dragons, cheetahs, African wild dogs, cougars (also known as pumas)...."  We quickly realized it was daddy's working list of possible dangerous wild animals to be banned.  We lead weird lives.


Jen C. said...

I thought those girls looked familiar when I saw the picture in the paper!

On the Verge-Couples ed. said...

I love everything about this post!!!!