Friday, January 20, 2012

So grown up...PK1 Turns Nine!

Can't believe my first born is NINE.  Her party didn't have a theme, but I surprised her with this banner of some of our favorite pictures of her.  She actually had two birthday parties this year. The first party was just a quickie after school party with friends on her birthday.  Best friend arrives first.

Then daddy gets home from work.

Favorite gift from a favorite friend.

Cupcakes instead of cake.

The girls.  Actually, a couple girls had left already, I forgot to do a good job taking pictures and snapped this at the end.

Then we had a family party with Cincinnati Cousin and everyone after the holidays in January.  She wanted to go to the indoor water park.

I don't blame her.  It is so fun to go here in the winter and look out the big windows and see the snow.

Cincinnati Cousin was so cute! He and PK2 are buddies.  I am SO MAD that I didn't get pictures of the best part though.  I was not able to run and get my camera out of the pool bag when GRAM went down the big slide!  She is such a fun-loving and brave lady! She takes after her mother who used to take PD on roller coasters.


Pizza and cake for the hungry swimmers! 

and presents. 

We are so blessed to have PK1 and to have so many wonderful people in our lives to help us celebrate her!

This year PK1 taught herself, with great difficulty, to ride a bike and roller skate. Those kinds of things do not come easy for her, but she really challenged herself.  When she sees someone get hurt, she says, "oh no..are you ok?" She wants to be baptized.  She is learning to speak Spanish, loves music and her piano playing is actually starting sound enjoyable. She loves reading and listening to books on tape. She really understands human nature,watches the world news and asks me about politics.   She goes with us into adult church most Sundays now.  One Sunday recently when PD and I had nursery duty, she asked if she could sit with her friend Dylan and his family in church.  I said sure, and watched her walk over to the cafe, pour herself some hot water, add a tea bag to it and walk into church wearing skinny jeans.  WHAT is happening here?!?

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She's awesome!