Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Float like a butterfly...sting like a bee

For some reason our church decided to have the Awana Grand Prix in December this year.  In addition to all the holiday parties, shopping, baking, family celebrations and PK1's birthday, we had to make the cars, take them to the test track and carve out a Saturday for the race.  Can you tell I was annoyed at the timing of this?

PK1 designed a bee hive car and PK2 painted her car pink and designed it with different graffiti style words.  They were both pretty cute.  Here they are checking in.  You have to weigh and have the car checked to make sure it is regulation.

Then you park your car in the "lot."

We took this picture for our Chicago cousin who likes snow boarding.

The track:

The girls got first and second in their respective age categories for speed!  We are LITERALLY undefeated at the Awana car race.

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