Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wichita Christmas

We drove to Wichita the day after Christmas to see my parents, my sisters and their families. In particular, one sweet baby girl that I couldn't kiss enough!

We opened a few gifts.

It was the first Christmas with our new Brother-in-Law.

More gifts.

The kids all got new sleds.

Grandad got the girls racing flags because they always win their Awana Grand Prix!

The kids shot hoops with Grandad every day.

We got Orange Leaf every day.  It was our last chance to eat all we want for free because College Sister is resigning as the manager there to go to Cosmetology School!

The kids put on a circus for us in the basement.

This is really crazy, but another tradition is for Grandad to save up six months worth of recycling and take it to the recycling plant to sort with all the cousins.  This deserves its own follow up post later.

College sister took us to Orange Julius and the MAC counter at the mall.  I had not been in a mall without my kids in probably a year and I have only bought make up at the mall once!  It was so fun.  College Sister has a lady at the MAC counter like the rest of us have a lady that cuts our hair!

If being at the mall in my home town, didn't make me feel adolescent enough, we went over to College Sister's a couple times to watch the boys play video games.  Give me a break!

Grandad did an object lesson with the kids everyday.  He used the Children's Sermons that he did when he was a pastor.

The sisters and the husbands hit the town one night.  There may have been a little dancing, mostly the girls.

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