Wednesday, December 7, 2011

November Wrap Up

Here are a few miscellaneous things that happened in November.We shopped for our Operation Christmas Child boxes:

And sent them off.

We dressed as Native Americans for our nursing home ministry.  Don't you love the papoose?

Here is a round up of some of the fall crafts we did.  Had to take a picture before we took them down and started in on the Christmas crafts.

We went to Cincinnati for Cincinnati cousin's birthday.  He is the whole package:  cute, smart and FUNNY.

Speaking of smart, PK2 is very into puzzles.  She can do a 100-500 piece puzzle all on her own.

This was actually a 1,000 piece puzzle and we helped her some with that, but still impressive. I actually really like puzzles too and may have let my chores go a little in order to work on this one.

Our good good friends went all the way to Uganda this month.  They carried with them our favorite Bible story book, The Jesus Storybook Bible for our sponsored child and hand delivered it to her. Amazing.  It was so special to pray each day with the girls over their trip, and that Patience would read her Bible and have faith in God. And special that they took a picture of her for us!

On a much more worldly note, I got PD to grow his hair out and wear it a bit longer.  Oh my land...does he look good!  Why do men age so much better than women?

Last but not least, the girls created a Lego Stonehenge.


On the Verge-Couples ed. said...

OK good grief this is all cute. The crafts are SO GOOD! Like ...better than Aunt Katie could do! (Will you and susan please homeschool my kids someday?) Super presh of the Uganda girl, so special for Jesus! And also, tell Ben he looks GOOD. Seriously. And ya, guys look so much better with age dangit! but as if YOU need to worry about not looking hott....youre a sexy mama!

ctphotomemories said...

LOVE IT ALL! sooo great! we are into puzzles over here too! We've got 2 going right now and a lego land set...a little crazy if you ask me, but's a nightly ritual here! quick question (you can email me too...) what organization do you use to sponsor your child?