Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Day

We opened our family Christmas presents on Christmas morning. I got PD these yard waste cans and a big tool chest.  I don't know why we only have pictures of the trash cans, the chest is really cool.  I had to hide it all at Gram and Papa's for weeks leading up to Christmas.

We really only get the girls a few little things.  They get SO much from the extended family.  We gave them some books and puzzles:

These Muppet Baby toys..they are very into the Muppets right now:

I found these dolls at IKEA for a steal and they were a HUGE hit.  The girls aren't even that into dolls.

Oh and look who got the biggest gift this year! PD got me a new bike on Craigslist!

Then we had our family devotions and Christmas breakfast before heading over to Grams.

At Grams we had a great time eating and exchanging presents with these guys until we had to rush home and finish packing because we left the next day for our Wichita Christmas!

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