Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Part 1

As always there were so many wonderful activities leading up to Christmas.  We attended a beautiful staff party at the Governor's Residence.

Gram and Papa took the girls to the Living Christmas Tree pagaent at their church.  PD and I did a little Santa shopping that night.

The girls were in a Christmas on the Ranch program at our nursing home ministry.

The girls made a Christmas parade with all their toys.  SO cute and it took them half a Saturday.

PK2 recieved this gift of a candy cane and Christmas pencil from her friend who is a dear family friend of ours.  He is an 11 year old boy who shoots hoops with her and he sent this over with his mom a few days before Christmas.  He is a gem! (they also share a Spanish tutor, which is why the note is in Spanish).

We went to a beautiful performance of the Nutcracker with our besties and some other home schoolers:

Isn't this venue beautiful?  We were able to go for just a $5 education rate.

The girls got to meet a miniature horse (dressed as a reindeer) at the nursing home minstry. 

When I showed PD the pictures of the miniature horse, he literally fell to the floor laughing because of this.  If you aren't a Parks and Rec fan, you should be!

Annual Zoo Lights experience:

Of course we did our Advent reading again.  Thank you mom for giving us my childhood wreath!  The girls love hearing the stories about how we did Christmas when I was a child.

PK1 took this on Christmas Eve.  Wouldn't PD make a good Mormon?

Second year in a row for these outfits, but they still fit!

It must be Christmas Eve, baby Jesus is in the manger!

OK, if you are a Parks and Rec fan, you will enjoy this, from Little Sebastian's funeral.

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On the Verge-Couples ed. said...

Oh my goodness so many cute things in this post! 1. the girls look so cute! (and big!) 2. you and ben look amazing 3. that theater is GORGEOUS! 4. HAHA to the little pony. Chance had a little Shetland pony growing up named "lil bits" cute is that???