Sunday, August 21, 2011

Theater Camp

The girls attended a theater camp this summer. The week got off to a rocky start when PK1 threw up in the back of our friend's van on the way to camp on the first day. Because she missed the first day, she was only assigned the tiniest part, but she rebounded quickly and was back the second day, glad to be able to still take part.

One of her best friends, the girl on the right, was the lead and she was excellent!

Here are the PKs.  They played bratty sisters in the play!

The whole cast:

Gram and Papa came to see their debut:

And here they are afterwards with a big treat:

Which, I have to tell you, PK1 threw back up a few hours later.  JUST in time to ruin my anniversary date. That child has impeccable timing.

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On the Verge-Couples ed. said...

I totally did a week long theater camp! I was the big deal;) They look like stars! so cute mcgute!