Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Farmers Market

About half way through the summer, the girls and I started a tradition of going to a farmers market to stock up on veggies every Monday morning after our morning lessons.  My mom always had a garden growing up and I love eating zucchini fixed 100 ways and lots of garden tomatoes all summer, but I don't have my own garden. Years like this when people tell me they didn't get much anyway, I am kind of glad that I don't go to the trouble.  My sister gets a CSA delivered every weel (box of locally grown veggies).  It is great because it forces you to eat a LOT of veggies, but she is always googling recipes that call for two kohlrabi and an eggplant and a beet.  There are pop up markets all over our area, mostly on Saturday, but I like this permanent one because I can go anytime and not fight the Saturday crowds. They have this big chair:

The best was in August when the peaches came in.  Each and every peach was perfect.  I must have eaten over a hundred peaches this summer.

The bounty:

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