Monday, August 22, 2011

Justin Bieber Hair

The other night PK2 came into our room pretty late at night with some hang-nail related problem.  She was half asleep. PD and I started laughing and making fun of her because her hair was so funny.  I think I had put her to bed with wet hair and we decided she had Justin Bieber Hair.  I made PD go get the camera.  She did not want her picture taken... but it was happening.


For the record, I am not the type to let my kids create their own bedtime.  8 or 8:30 rolls around and they are lights-out, door-closed in bed.  But on the occasion that they pop back up with a question, complaint or cry of outrage, here is what we say.  PD might get home at 9 and say, "I thought they were in bed!"  My response, "It didn't take." Lately the main reason it "doesn't take" is that the girls are very into having ice water.  You have to get as much ice as you can physically cram into a little plastic princess cup and then fill in the crevices with water.  Never mind the insane amounts of condensation that oozes all over their IKEA nightstands and onto my childhood copy of Caddie Woodlawn.  They have been known to emerge from bed saying "but my ice all melted." Ridiculous...but I find myself softening as a mother.  When they were toddlers, I was hard core.  But now, they are just such good kids that if having nine ice cubes makes them happy, I am happy to have PD run downstairs and fill those cups right back up.


Kelli said...

Caleb is our ice water KING at night. I see I may have to get those girls some coasters.

On the Verge-Couples ed. said...

my favorite part = happy to have PD run downstairs

really.truly said...

Love the Bieber hair (on your daughter,not so much on Justin).
Hope you are well! It's been a while. Can't believe another school year is under way!! The years are flying by :)