Sunday, August 14, 2011

Signing the Budget

The first of July was a huge deadline at work for PD and his team. They have been working tirelessly on a two year budget.  It was finally done and passed both houses. Here they are the day of the signing.  They all have their suit coats off for a joke...something about "rolling up your sleeves and getting to work." I think it ruins the picture, but whatever.

Here is the whole team.  PD's mancretary is the one on the far left.

PD texted me this picture earlier that day.  The legal team had to go over the whole budget before it could be signed.  That is a lot of papers! That is insane!

I met PD at the statehouse to watch the signing, but I missed it because I had to get the babysitter and they kept changing the time. I was running through the corridors with my high heals in my hands.  I did take this picture of PD in the Cabinet Room.

And here is a picture from a newspaper of the signing:
And here is when the governor called PD up to help sign:

After the signing someone hosted a Rockin Fiscal New Year party...everyone was congratulating PD.  Funny story from the party... I never know what to wear to these parties.  Some people had gone home to change, some had on work clothes.  I wore a dress because I thought I was going to the signing at the statehouse.  This state senator thought I looked over-dressed and asked me if I had just come from work.  Not wanting to over-explain the wardrobe conundrums of a home school mom, I just said, "um... yes."
PD ushered me away from him quickly before my web of lies got any more complicated. But I HAD just come from work!

Here is a video of the signing. PD appears at minute 2:15:


Janna said...

Whew... I lost count of how many pens he used! Congratulations to PD! I think I may now begin calling him iDot!

On the Verge-Couples ed. said...

So presh! go beaner!