Monday, September 27, 2010

Renaissance Fair

A few weeks ago we took the PKs to the Renaissance Festival.  We had studied the Renaissance last spring and thought the PKs might really like to see it.  Then I heard that it can be a bit risqué and I got a little nervous.  But thankfully, it was pretty tame. We met PK1's favorite, Queen Elizabeth:

And saw a live joust:

Met the horse afterwards:

Danced the Maypole:

Watched Shakespeare reading a sonnet in the street:

Went down the big slide:

Saw a show about Leonardo Da Vinci and his brother.  It was decidedly not funny.  We fake laughed for awhile and then snuck out.

And ended up in the stocks:

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chicago_mom said...

very fun! What is with that castle? Is it like a big fake castle that they build for the fair? It looks real-ish! Sammy would have loved the joust.