Sunday, September 5, 2010

First Two Weeks of School (ish)

Most of our friends have been in school for a couple of weeks now.  We have kept up with many of our studies over the summer, but now we are easing back into our full routine.  The new routine will be pretty hefty as we are starting a few new things and I now have a kindergartener and a second grader! One week was really crisp and felt like fall, then the second week summer was back with a vengeance and we hit the pool almost every day.  When it was cool out, the girls spent several hours a day out in the yard on this blanket. Reading, playing, spying birds and resting. So good for the soul.  Don't you think?

Science - Watching the International Space Station fly over!

Home Economics - We are three batches into our search for the perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie!

Imaginative Play - Dress Up! - PK2 often adorns herself in this way while PK1 and I are focusing on our grammar lessons.  Then when we are done, she "surprises" us. Chinese dress courtesy of Chicago Aunt.

Wood-shop - Installing new kitchen cabinets!  It really speeds things along when a 5 year old wants to help.

Snack Time - Watermelon!

History - Our first trip to the Renaissance Festival - (more pictures of this to come)

No pictures of the math, Latin and grammar studies..that would be too boring.  Also a great deal of time was spent shopping for shoes.  Sadly, for the PKs, not me.  Next week will be the full schedule with their co-op class, basketball clinic, Awana, nursing home ministry, piano lessons and possible a new Spanish tutor! Please pray for me!


On the Verge-Couples ed. said...

that have had that FOREVER big sister! its so comfy tho:)

MA mom said...

I'm jealous you saw the International Space Station fly over!!

Kelli said...

I will be praying for'll do great. I am so sad I missed the International Space Station...that would have been cool. Ooh, chocolate chip cookies...I use butter crisco instead of butter.

chicago_mom said...

Very fun stuff. You're such a great mom to two girls.

Aunt mar said...

Laur!!!! Excellent, sweet mama. Wow, the kids have woodworking and math, history in full costume, co-op opportunities and reading, playing, looking to Jesus.......all sooo good.
Love you and praying for you all.
ENJOY! aunt mar