Monday, July 19, 2010


Ad vitam paramus - We are preparing for life.

We delved into the study of Latin just a bit this year.  I really like this book Song School Latin:
The girls loved doing it.  It is mostly songs with just a little bit of vocabulary to learn for each lesson. We mostly do it in the car.

I also worked on some Greek and Latin prefixes, suffixes and roots with PK1.  She really liked this once she learned a few.  She started recognizing parts of words everywhere in our reading and everyday life.  Examples would be like.."hydro" for something to do with water or "manus" for something you do with your hands.  There are obviously a ton of them we use all the time and it is really supposed to help kids with their vocabulary.

Here they are singing a couple of the songs.  Once again, I think they look really young here.  It was at least six months ago..maybe more that I made the video.


MA mom said...

Good singing! I'm so glad you're learning Latin...I studied it in high school for two years and it definitely increases your ability to figure out the meaning of many English words...comes in handy for the SAT too!

chicago_mom said...

cute! We miss the cousins. I will need to put up a video of Wella with Claire and Sammy singing the Well Fargo wagon. Wouldn't that be funny?

now I feel like we need to learn latin. why do you do this to me???????