Friday, July 2, 2010

Science Part I: Human Body

Equipped with his five senses, man explores the universe around him and calls the adventure Science.  ~Edwin Powell Hubble, The Nature of Science, 1954

This year in Science we studied the human body.  I used this really great book with templates to create your own life size body.

We traced around their bodies, cut them out, and added body parts as we studied them. Here is the "before" with just the brain:

After..nine months later..we finally finished (except..minus the face?...I think I forgot that) Do the PKs look older?  My camera is certainly better!

We memorized one fact about the function of each body part and made a notebook page about the different concepts we learned. Here is the one about blood:

And here is one about the senses:

Then we read lots and lots of living books about the body.  We read at least 50 books about the human body!  But this was great because both girls liked these a lot. We like the Sam's Science series:

Magic School Bus books are always a favorite:

And I love the illustrations in these books by Aliki:

We visited an exhibit about the human body at the science museum:

Fetal Development..which one looks like Aunt Susan's baby?:

X rays human and animal:


Kelli said...

Seriously...can you enroll a 33 year old into your program. I love the body cut outs and that you added parts as you studied them. We love the Magic School Bus too!

chicago_mom said...

Ok, can you tell me ONE more time what the website is that you used for book recommendations for science? I know you've told me 5 times, but just one more time. My attempt at science this year was not as thorough as I would have liked. We got through about 3 birds and 2 types of trees. Boo.

On the Verge-Couples ed. said...

So the girls are getting way grown up. Slow them down!!! AHHH...
also you look super pretty in that picture with the girls. I am planning on taking Chance to Chicago soon to see wella wella so maybe we can hit up ohio on the way or something??