Monday, October 19, 2009

Halloween Party

We went to a great little Halloween party for a bunch of political families this weekend. It wasn't really that little.  It used to be just a few families, but it has grown into a much bigger operation.  There was a catering truck and valet parking this year!

There was a trick or treat set up along the cutest path in the woods.  PK1 tore off with her friends immediately.

But PK2 still stuck a little closer to me since there were some scary dressed up characters.  I kept asking her if she wanted to turn back, but I think she didn't want to miss out on any of the candy.

It has been freezing here...30's at night and cold and rainy during the day.  But the sun came out and it was a very nice evening.

There was also a limbo contest and a dance contest...for which PK1 got a prize.  I missed this because I was drinking wine visiting inside with some ladies.

Some of the intern types dressed up in costumes.  

What a fun night.  I was kind of wishing we had the land etc. to host such a thing, but when I saw the hostess running around with a clipboard and a walkie talkie, I decided I was glad to just attend. 


Kelli said...

Yeah, sometimes just being in attendance is the best part. Hosting can be hard. Looks like a fun time!

mimi said...

Is that someone's house?? What a great party and cool property. I would have been in the house too ;)