Monday, October 5, 2009

Apple Picking

I have never been apple picking before.  People around here act like everyone does it. Actually, they pick all fruit as though everyone does it.  Moms at church, moms at the gym everyone says, "We are going to pick raspberries today."  As though everyone does this.  Certain fruits become ripe and you and your children go to an orchard or whatever and hand pick said fruit.  This is foreign to me.

Well, I decided I would join in this apple picking thing this year.

It was GREAT!

The kids loved it, it was a nice cool afternoon and the apples were so good.

I am not even a huge apple person.  Give me a peach any day, but these apples were good.

We picked some that were good pie apples and some that were good eating apples.

Another thing some of my friends do is can fruit and make jam.

That is way more trouble than I am willing to go to.  I am going to attempt a cobbler later this week.

I think this will have to be part of our fall tradition from here on out.  In fact, we may have to go again this year because the girls and I each ate two apples just today and we are going to run out!


Kelli said...

We love going apple picking. We might do it one more time before the year is out. Honeycrisp is my favorite. The Jonathons made a good apple crisp.

mimi said...

I just posted about our apple picking day! I had to laugh after reading your post...I'm not a fruit picker either. Nice to know that I'm in good company!

I had not been apple picking in years...15 maybe?!

schwadette said...

Welcome to the club... next year I'll have you canning all those apples! :) Just in case you run out... they have Suncrisp this weekend at Lynd's... SO YUMMY! Perfect for snacking....

chicago_mom said...

We were going to do this too, but now it's so friggin' cold here! Not sure I'm brave enough. And, Sammy would throw apples at people or he'd eat one bite out of 30 different apples or something. But John from my small group went and he has made incredible pies and cobblers and crisps. Mine always turn out mushy. Good luck though!