Sunday, December 7, 2008

To market we will go

On Saturday morning, PD and I went downtown to The North Market  :

We wanted to see some of the cool art vendors and also to eat just a ton of the treats we love.  We were going to take the kids but since the college sister was in town we decided to leave them home, reduce our stress level and not have to share any of the treats.

Here I am reveling in my freedom:

We ate our favorite Vietnamese noodle bowl:

and followed it up with the best ice cream in Columbus..Jeni's.

They use all real, fresh ingredients and they come up with the coolest flavors.  I had Crème Fraîche with Amarena Cherries and PD had Cocoa Zinfandel.  The Political kids would kill us if they knew we went there.  They love it and are so spoiled with this $4 a scoop ice cream.  We even have the Political Grandparents hooked on it!
In case you think we ate too much we did forgo the world class cheese counter:

hot carmel corn:
and the German bakery:
The arts and crafts fair had a lot of things I liked too.  This woman made the most beautiful children's purses out of old vintage hard cover children's classics.  But the PKs will have to forgo those at $37 a pop.
I also thought they would look cute in these, but I had already purchased their winter hat with Dora the Explorer on it at Meijer.
I asked the Political Dad to buy me this:
and this to wear to political events:
And I had a great find for the political grandmother for Christmas, but I can't post it because she sometimes reads this blog.

Then I wanted to go to Yankee Trader the weirdest little costume/kitsch/political junk shop that I used to have to go to all the time when I taught theater. It was right next door to the North Market, so we stopped in there and made fools of ourselves for awhile.
It was so much fun, that I didn't even mind that the PKs were covered in College Aunt's make up and half clothed when I got home, or that PD had to leave for a policy meeting right away, or that we got 4 inches of snow that night. 


chicago_mom said...

This post makes me think that you may have gone ahead and become LDS without asking me. But that's ok...I'm right behind you.

Nice yellow jacket, btw.

gmsr said...

visiting from your sister's blog--
Wait!! We used to live in Columbus. We lived in New Albany and were about to move to Westerville when we were transferred. LOVE Columbus! I have to give a shout out to Grater's ice cream--is it still there?

gmsr said...

oops--forgot to sign my name.