Friday, December 19, 2008

A Christmas Miracle

Remember this?

PK 1 wanted a box of kittens for Christmas.
Well, low and behold, the son of the Chief of Staff at PD's office brought home a baby kitten the other day.

I knew we had to take the PKs down to German Village to see it. 

They were so excited and the kitten was a really good sport.  I got to have a couple glasses of pricey wine and watch my daughter have the time of her life.  It was honestly the best night of the Christmas season so far.  I really was starting to think we could get one of our own (a kitten, not a pricey bottle of wine), but after about 20 minutes I started melting in a pool of my own I guess I am still allergic.

Afterward we went to see this giant Nativity.  This is a picture of it from a couple years camera ran out of batteries after Catpalooza '08.

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