Monday, December 15, 2008

Keep it Simple Stupid

Sometimes I really sweat the small stuff. But I just ran out of energy for it this year. I decided that the girls would not have new matching Christmas dresses like they have in the past:

I decided that the Political Dad would not put up the outside Christmas decorations and lights. We would rather have him inside hanging out with us than hanging out on a ladder one morning to put them up and another morning to take them down.

I usually have to lose 5 pounds before I see my gorgeous sisters and sister in law for the holidays. They are all taller than me and with better hair darn it! But this year I am only going to lose 2 pounds. (Bye bye Baileys you are so nummy with crushed ice.)
I even decided not to send out a Christmas card this year although when I think about that, I do have to go breath into a bag a little because I guess I am not 100% cured.

PK1 will wear a beautiful dress that her Great Aunt gave her last year. PK2 will wear a hand me down from another political family.

The only thing I had to buy was these tights, on sale at Kohls for PK1.

As I read over this I am actually wondering whether what started out as altruistic has turned into just plain laziness. Oh dear.


chicago_mom said...

Tell me those are not your feet. They aren't right?

ohio12 said...

no..they are from google images. there is something not so right about them. it is like a pudgy, stumpy bigness or something.