Monday, November 7, 2011

Last minute trip to Chicago

A couple weeks ago (before Halloween for reference) my sister called and asked if we could throw together a last minute visit.  She home schools with another family and they were going on a trip, so she had a free week.  The lure of the city and a fun week with cousins was too much to resist.  I packed up and was out the door in 18 hours!

Our schedule was the same every day. The day would start with nummy french toast made by Chicago Aunt and Uncle, drink coffee and let the kids play until they start to bother us, then pack up for a day of adventures, then collapse on the couch after 8 and have Chicago Uncle bring us things to drink.  Our first day there, we went to a cute little restaurant that delivers your food on a little model train that runs all around the lunch counter. It is called 2 Toots.

Sweet baby watching the train...don't get saliva on your computer screen trying to kiss this baby.

Don't the burgers look yummy?  I wish I had one right now!

Then we walked around:
And stopped in the tiniest little candy store.  Can you see who is posing for the picture, and who couldn't wait to pick out his candy?  We told him to pick out ten and he could eat 3.  He picked out 25 and ate them all.
We also took the train downtown: American Girl.  We saw all the displays but did not buy anything this time. The new AG girls this year are Cecile and her friend Marie-Grace.
The bigger hit this year anyway was the Lego Store. Their store window display is a giant Lego model of downtown Chicago.  Those are all Legos, not a big picture!
Best of all was just hanging with the cousins. 
Especially this funny little boo boo:

Ok, now go get a tissue and wipe off your computer screen. You know you couldn't resist kissing it.

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