Sunday, November 13, 2011

Halloween 2011

I almost dropped the ball on Halloween this year. I knew it would be ok to take a few days to go to
Chicago, but when I came back, the girls and I got really sick with a cold. Then I hosted a Reformation party...all while doing my regular things like homeschool, help PD lead our small group, follow up with my IFI volunteers, nursing home ministry, take the girls to a Laura Ingalls play and help our friends get ready for a trip to Uganda! Really the only thing that made it difficult was being sick.  Everything else was pretty much a regular week for me. The costumes were not coming together smoothly.  I kept waiting for someone to come give me a medal for walking around JoAnn Fabrics in a Nyquil fog with Kleenex stuffed up my nose, but alas, no such luck.

We were going to dress up as a theme with our besties (as usual).  But we had half super hero costumes and half Ancient Egypt costumes.  It was crunch time and we ended up pulling together three ancient Egyptian princesses and the cutest mummy you ever saw.

Gram and Papa came over and helped me at the last minute.  Gram brought me some blue eyeshadow from her archives and helped me finish up the food I was taking to the neighborhood party.  Papa helped me carry it over.  They also brought their usual bag of goodies for the girls.  I will tell you, Gram's goodie bags are the best.  She puts in all these individual sized snacks like Ritz and pretzels and graham crackers that I am too cheap to buy.  They usually last us quite awhile and it is so nice to just grab one when we are headed out the door.

Of course we took a ton of pictures:

Little neighbor girl stopped by:
The whole neighbor gang.  You will notice a lot of coats over the costumes.  It was COLD this year. 

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