Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ms. Frizzle at the Golden Globes

Sunday night I was watching the Golden Globes Red Carpet Preview show.  (PD calls it the pre-game) PK1 came in and watched it with me for a bit and said which dresses she liked and didn't.  So funny.  When Helena Bonham Carter came on wearing this:

PK1 said, "That lady looks just like Ms.  Frizzle":

You know...from the Magic School Bus:

I thought she was right on.


My Not So Simple, Domestic Life said...

Seriously...What are these people on when they decide to wear something like this? Who was the person that suggested she wear two different colored shoes? And doesn't it just break your heart that this woman doesn't have the kind of friend that we all need? The kind that would block you as you were heading out the door and demand that you head right back upstairs and wear something sensible!!

really.truly said...

So true. Too funny!