Sunday, June 27, 2010

Doing School at Home 2009-2010

"Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life." Charlotte Mason

 I decided to try to document some of the learning that we have accomplished in our home this year. Starting tomorrow I am going to address one area of study a day.  Most of my curriculum recomendations come from the book The Well Trained Mind, by Susan Wise Bauer.  She was homeschooled herself back when you could practically get arrested for it.  Now she is an author, professor and homeschool mom.  If her book hadn't made it sound so great..I never would have done it.

I also like the ideas of Charlotte Mason, an education philosopher from the 19th century who thinks that children should read high quality books, be outside every day, be observant in nature and memorize poetry.

I really wouldn't have made it the last two years if it wasn't for my best friend and her darling children.  It isn't just that we do all kinds of fun and educational stuff with these guys..although that is great.  I am serious when I say that the only way I am able to get through the day with a little bit of dignity and grace is because she is such a strong support and example for me.

Another nod goes to my sister, because she keeps me laughing. She also inspires me because she does such fun, creative, earthy stuff with her kids.  I would never think to do that on my own, but I have to keep up with my little sister!

And my husband who gets us started with a hearty breakfast each morning.

I can't write a big paragraph about "why we do school at home" or "why doing school at home is great" because I am not super fanatical about it. But the fact that we do school at home is proof that God does exist.  (how is that for extreme?)  I think God led me into it by placing the right people and books in my path and I continue to do it on faith while it works for our family.  I am very thankful for the last two years.  They have been a real blessing and time of growth.  Plus, in what other educational setting can you put together a puzzle of the provinces of Canada, wearing a cowgirl costume?

* Reminder..check back each day this week for a new post on our schooling.

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Kelli said...

I think that's great that you enjoy what you're doing and have a great support system!