Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Let them eat cake...again.

Last year we started the tradition of going to this bakery for treats in lieu of flowers or gifts on Valentines Day. The girls look forward to it and mention it off and on all year.  Last Saturday was the big day.

We take a really long time to choose: 

I liked what we chose this time even better than last year.

PD and I got pistachio mouse, PK1 got chocolate mouse and PK2 got a white cake with fresh strawberries and cream.

Then the girls went up and picked one more rasberry thing later.  I really wish I had eaten a sandwich first.  I had a bit of a sugar headache.  The  girls went a little nuts from the sugar too.

Just kidding, they were perfect little ladies:

We didn't get these, but they were the specialty for Valentines Day.  It is chocolate ganache with chocolate mouse filling.  Beautiful!

If you want to see last years visit to Mozarts, click here:  Valentines Cake 2009  The PKs look so much younger to me!

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Kelli said...

They are growing so fast! Very sweet (ha, ha) tradition.