Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cincinnati Cousin Turns Four

Right before Thanksgiving we went to Cincinnati for our favorite little Cincinnati Cousin's birthday.  Isn't it funny how kids love birthday parties?  My girls were so excited for days as we looked forward to it.  Of course PD and I were too, but in a different way.  My girls are crazy for cake.  My goodness..what is it with kids and cake?

Poor little Cincinnati Cousin also had a full leg cast.  He had a stress fracture.  He is so cute and such a good little sport about it though.  If you ask him about his leg he would say, "It huhts." But he would say it rather pleasantly.

The cousins loved playing together:

And he even wanted help blowing out the candles.

He got so many presents.  A lot of it was Thomas the Train stuff.  He loves Thomas and plays with it for hours.  It is so cute how he knows all the names of the characters and everything:

I had to chuckle a little at the Paparazzi!

He is a well adored grandchild on both sides.  He is the only grandchild on his father's side and the only boy on our side.  Who wouldn't adore this kid though?  He is a doll!

Happy Birthday Cincinnati Cousin.  We love you.

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