Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve I had a mini panic attack about all that had to be accomplished in the next three days, but then I remembered that I was the mom and had to keep it together for everyone else.  Deep breaths, cook, clean, pack, be a nice mommy.  Step One ask kids to draw the nativity scene:

I read about this idea.  It is hilarious because you are supposed to have your kids draw it every year and see how it develops each year.  PK1 got so into it we had to use three papers.  PK2 got upset that it didn't look the way she thought it should and threw it on the floor and put her head down.  Here is PK1's:

 I like the wise men.  PD likes the look on the faces of the shepherds.  Then we made cookies. (excuse the wet heads..they had had baths for Christmas Eve service.)

This is the only Christmas baking I did this year.  That seems awful, but the older I get the more I figure, go with your strengths.  And I don't love baking.  In fact, I kept e-mailing PD all day with excited announcements like. "we cut out the cookies and I didn't lose it"  or "they got sprinkles on the floor and I didn't cry or yell."  But Ben's dad said the frosting was good and the girls had a good time so it was a success!  

We had these wonderful people over on Christmas Eve:

 I made these appetizers.  I was so excited about them.  All ingredients from my favorite Trader Joes:

It looks like this all put together and I served it with two sparkling juices..Pomegranate and Apple.  We also had pork tenderloin with blue cheese and cranberries, mashed potatoes and salad.

Then we went to the grandparents' church for Christmas Eve Service.  It was beautiful as usual.  Tons of carols, accompanied by some really cool acoustic instruments and a time for the kids to come up for a story.


chicago_mom said...

You did great! We're very excited to see you guys next week. I love the wisemen too...and the beard thing on the shepherd. And I want the appetizers.

Kelli said...

Look at you stepping out of your comfort zone!!! I love the nativity idea and will have to do that next year. Yum, Trader Joes. We have the apple and blueberry sparkling juice in our fridge right now.