Saturday, July 18, 2009


Since it was too cold for the pool today, we decided to take the kids to play putt-putt.   Actually, where I am from, it is called mini-golf, but whatever.  The PKs think Putt-Putt is a VERY funny word and they had a game going in the backseat to see if they could say, "Putt-Putt" without laughing.  They were not very good at that game.  They were only a little better at playing Putt-Putt:

I think PD was hoping PK2 would be his little Tiger Woods:

And although she did get a hole in one:

PK1 was actually a little better:

We scored about what you would think:

We finished the evening off at our favorite chicken restaurant, Cane's, a Columbus original:


MA mom said...

I understand all the scores except the 44 for PD. As I recall, he's a golfer. Hmmm?
Cute family.

chicago_mom said...

I love those girls! If I show Sammy this post, he won't stop talking about putt-putt until I take him. He'll probably also say "putt putt is like butt butt".