Monday, May 28, 2012

Wii Are Family

Several months ago I started telling PK2 that she was having a family-only birthday party. We usually do family and friends together, or two separate parties, but I was burnt out on all of that.  It worked out great because she has Cinncinati Cousin who is just her age and they get along great. Oh my goodness, it was so much better than having a bunch of rowdy obnoxious energetic kids running around.

It didn't hurt that we surprised her that morning with a Wii!  Yes, the family that has no video games or cable tv or smart phones, got a Wii.

Cousin already has one so he was a complete superstar at all the games.

I am determined to police that darn thing and we did kick the kids outside to play in the water.

And shoot at this target that PD and I made for their new Nerf guns.  Thanks for the Nerf guns Gram and Papa!  These Nerf guns were at the top of PK2's wish list.  Can you tell her 3 closest friends are boys?

Gigi got her this gorgeous book about the Sound of Music.  The girls are on a HUGE Sound of Music kick right now.

Family is SUCH a blessing.  Good friends are great but nothing compares to family that loves and adores you unconditionally.  I am so thankful that my children have this gift.

Cincinnati Aunt took this good picture of the four of us.