Thursday, May 31, 2012

Spring Wrap Up

My Clematis has so many blooms this year.  I just love perrinials.  You plant them once and then God does a little miracle and they come up bigger and better every year.  I work on my perrenial beds every year and I think I have finally got them how I want them.  We have only been in the house ten years!

Of course, we had the annual camp out with the Country Mice.  Right on cue, it started raining at 10 PM.

 We visited Yaya in Dayton, went to her hymn sing and out to lunch.

There may have been some early spring hiking:

Lead us on PK2:

Here is proof that if you don't let your kids watch TV, they will go outside and do crazy creative stuff.  The girls are always coming up with something like this contest to see who could build the highest tower out of garage toys.

The girls were very sick with the flu...then as soon as they got better, I got it.  They were such champs though...keeping themselves alive while I fought off my fever.  I would just crawl out of bed long enough to pull some food out of the fridge three times a day and then crawl back to bed. Before he left for work, PD bought us a big vat of soup and it is all we ate for 72 hours.

The girls were also in a railroad themed program at the nursing home.  I may have some video to follow for that.

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