Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Vote on My New Rug

PD just got a new (used) to follow.  But in the meantime, here is the scoop.  We saved our pennies for 3 years thinking we would need a certain amount for his car.  Surprise though! We got it for a bit less, so I am redoing our living room with the leftover funds, plus whatever I can get on Craigslist for our current living room furniture.  I am going bleary eyed looking at all these Persian rugs.  If anyone wants to help me choose, I would be grateful.  I am hoping to buy ivory sofas if that helps with the decision.

Rug 1

Rug 2

Rug 3

Rug 4

Here is my current living room.  The purple velvet sofas seemed like a good idea 12 years ago in 1999. I actually did really like them for the first 10 years. Now when I walk through the living room, I want to put my eye out with a stick.

Some days I am so excited to get to have the room redone, some days I feel like it will just be a royal hassle.  But, my one and only kid free week of the year is coming up in June.  I will have the girls in VBS every morning for a week.  I am thinking I can maybe spend some time on it then..maybe even paint. Or maybe I should go to the dentist, get my hair cut and buy know all those luxurious things you can't do when you home school and your husband works 80 hours a week.  We shall see.


chicago_mom said...

rug #1 for sure. It's a little bit brighter which I think you'll appreciate over time. Just my humble opinion though.

MA mom said...

It's between rug #1 and #4 with a bent toward #4. I like the design and the bright blue.