Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Waiting for..Michelle Rhee

PD and I got to go to a special screening of Waiting for Superman last week.  I had read so much about it and seen so many clips, I wasn't sure I needed to see it, but I was glad I did.  It is excellent.  Everyone should see it.  I could have watched in my jammies at home anytime, but the real draw was a question and answer time afterwards with the Governor and Michelle Rhee.  Michelle Rhee is the awesome, brave, school reformer featured in the film and I did get to meet her really briefly afterwards!  Here is a picture of me with her and with my friend who owns and runs a Montessorie school here in town.

Actually, here is a commercial for her school that PK1 was in almost 5 years ago!  See if you can spot little PK1:

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