Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ladies...start your engines.

"Auto racing, bull fighting and mountain climbing are the only real sports...all others are games." Ernest Hemingway

The girls enterered the Awana Grand Prix at our church again this year.  It was actually the first year for PK2...she was too young last year.  Last year PK1 won first place for speed.  You can win for design or speed.  This year they both wanted to try to win for design.  PK1 designed her car as a polka dot dress and PK2 designed hers as a snowman.  Here are all the cars in their division.  They are #4 and #5.

PD did such a good job letting them design the car and choose everything when they made it.  But on race day we had to drive separately and PD only stayed for a few minutes to make sure the cars passed the inspections...then he had to go downtown for the day.  Something about Ohio having an 8 billion dollar budget shortfall...blah blah blah. Here they are at the top of the track.

Here they are at the finish line watching to see who wins:

There were two sets of eight heats and I am not going to lie...PK2 did not lose a single race! We had warned the girls that it was the exception that PK1 won last year and just building the car and racing it is the fun part.  Also, once you cut the car for the design contest, you lose aerodynamics and it might be slow.  But sure enough...PK2 won SECOND PLACE for design:

Then she won FIRST PLACE for Speed:


PK2 was a wonderful big sister and was very happy for her little sister to win.  It was very sweet:

Anyway, its all about the hot dog lunch:

It was actually a little embarrassing to win last year and this year.  PD says we might have to be like Oprah with the Emmys and take ourselves out of the competition next year..just to give other a chance.


On the Verge-Couples ed. said...

im so proud of the girls!!!!!! ahhh they are so big im like about to cry just seeing these pics! i haven't seen them in forever! :(
and their future uncle chauncy wants to meet them!!

MA mom said...

I love the intensity on the faces at the finish line!! This is serious stuff for sure. Congratulations girls. I love the dress car and the snowman car. Good job! love you much. gigi

Kelli said...

Way to go PK2! It always looks like such a fun event.

chicago_mom said...

Congrats!!! And it was nice of Ellie to be nice about the win. I don't think my kids would be supportive of the others win. Wait, Claire would actually be happy for Sam to win just so he wouldn't be mean. :)