Friday, September 4, 2009

Home on the Range

We snuck in a trip to my home town of Wichita Kansas here at the end of the summer.  I kind of loved that we were leaving on the day that many others were starting school. hehehe.  It was  unseasonable cool, so not a ton of pool time, but we still had a blast.  We let the kids stay up late playing with the leftover sparklers from my sister's wedding (hope that was ok Suz)and exploring with flashlights in Grandad's woods.  Then we slept in late every morning.  My dad and mom basically ran a camp playing with the kids all day.  They offered to take us on some outings, but "Camp GiGi" was so much fun, we couldn't talk the kids into leaving the house much.  PD and I did get a date night.  We also saw a movie with College Sister.  The first movie we had seen in the theater since 2005.

We did go to a park one day that has a yellow brink road, like in "Wizard of Oz."  They used to have the characters from the movie too, but bands of urban youths kept positioning them in unseemly positions and they took them out.

I do wish I had a few more pictures of my parents, but I was so busy taking pictures of all the stuff we did and relaxing and reading and eating my mom's cooking that I forgot.  Here is what I did capture:

Kansas Summer 2009 from Political family on Vimeo.


chicago_mom said...

You make the best videos and pick the best music! I have huge issues figuring out the music. Seems like it was fun!

Sammy wants me to include a note of asking you "HOW DO YOU GET to the yellow brick road?" Haha.

Kelli said...

That looks like such a fun time. Um, the ribs...yum!

mimi said...

Camp Gigi looks fantastic!

That song will probably be my boys new favorite. :)