Sunday, September 13, 2009

First Grade

Although we are educating PK1 at home this year and although we learn all year round, Tuesday still felt like a first day of First Grade for PK1.

She goes once a week to a learning co-op.  It is called Westerville Area Homeschool Association or WAHA.

It includes a wonderful art class.  It isn't just a silly craft or coloring time.  The teachers are so creative.  One day last year they came dressed with flowers in their hair like the artist Frida Kahlo. They get to paint, sculpt with real clay and learn lots of real art techniques.

Then she has PE.  This is taught by a guy who owns a business called "The Homeschool Gym."  He is so much fun and teaches the kids all the skills and games they would be learning on the playground at school.

Science is last.  They use a Christian curriculum called Apologia.  This year they are studying Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day.

I think PK1 looks so grown up and I can't believe I have a First Grader.


mimi said...

She does look so grown up! The co-op sounds wonderful. Um Westerville...that's where we were moving to before we were moved to MN. Our house was between the reservoir and Polaris? I loved that area. Trying to remember the names of the streets?? :)

On the Verge said...

OMG she is sooo BIG!!! what the heck!?!!

Kelli said...

Look at her! She's such a big girl.

Sandy Toes said...

Your blog name intrigues me!

Happy Birthday John Calvin????

Are you reformed?

sandy toe