Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Columbus Day

What a great day we had with PD being home on a Monday. He has been working late a lot and we have both been under a lot of stress lately with various pressures in our lives.  But today we set it all aside to sleep in a bit, make a big breakfast, go for a hike and then while PD made dinner on the grill for us, I did a little Columbus Day craft with the girls.  It was cold but sunny and annoying pressures aside, we are truly blessed. Before the adults even woke up, PK2 made this out of Playmobiles and construction paper.

After breakfast I would have loved to take the opportunity to send the girls out with PD while I did some shopping or deep cleaning, but I fought that temptation and joined them for a lovely hike.

Two deer ran right across our path, but I do not have a picture of that because it happened so fast.  We saw a lot of birds.  We saw a whole tree full of bluebirds.  PK1 says this is a mockingbird, can anyone verify that?

And here is our craft:

Before you get too impressed, remember when PD and I built this cardboard Santa Maria?  That was election year!  How did we manage that?

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